Water Damage Restoration

When disaster strikes, we’re your best choice to prevent further damage, prevent mold & mildew, and provide professional repairs.

Water Damage Basics

Floods can start for many reasons. Sometimes mother nature is to blame, faulty plumbing, human error, sometimes a dog in a bathroom (real story). All buildings have water in them in one form or another. We build them to keep abnormal water out, but unfortunately we are not always successful. If not contained and removed, abnormal water degrades structures to unlivable spaces. Prompt attention is required to make sure further damage does not occur.


Our job is most specifically called mitigation. We are water mitigation specialists. Mitigation simply means prevention. We are here to prevent further damage from occurring. We will respond, day or night, promptly to handle proper prevention activities. This is commonly called the dry out phase. We have specific industry standards to follow to make sure we remove abnormal water and restore the structure to a normal state. Sometimes this means removal of porous materials like drywall, carpet, insulation, etc.; however all of our actions are for a reason and based on actual scientific research and tested industry standards.


Once the abnormal water is removed and the structure is returned to normal, the final phase of any project is the re-construction process. Returning everything to its pre-damaged condition requires experts in related fields such as drywallers, painters, plumbers, finish carpenters, flooring experts, etc. We provide overall project management, oversight, and insurance documentation. We procure the best trades available to restore the structure to its original luster. Its hard enough to go through a disaster, but there’s no sense in going through it alone.