Harvest Cleaning Service has been serving the Helena community for over 30 years and continues to use advanced technology and current industry practices to accomplish our clients cleaning and restoration needs. Locally owned and operated, we are a family owned company and are one of the few companies wholly owned and operated by Helena residents. We are also one of the few companies not reliant on franchises and national interests. There is only one Harvest Cleaning Service. We are invested in the Helena community and its success. Your patronage supports our families, our schools, and our community.

Our cleaning process is the most advanced and safest cleaning process you can find in the industry. We utilize time tested, scientifically vetted, and industry approved methods. We accomplish your goals, while keeping your home and business safe for day to day use. We have made the financial investment to attend advanced training for our methods and have obtained nationally recognized certifications, proving our professionalism and proficiency. Many “revolutionary” methods advertised today are simply cheaper methods which do not clean thoroughly and often leave behind harsh residues. Most have not been approved by material manufacturers and often times void warranties.

We are experts in the field of water and fire damage restoration. We often times find damage and propose proper methods of repairs to insurance experts and other contractors. We advocate on behalf of our clients to insurance adjusters and other interested parties, the proper repairs and methods to correct damage caused by disasters. We’ve attended countless hours of training, completed several industry proven certifications and have countless disasters under our belts. We know how to properly repair and restore your home and property to its original condition and make sure our clients are properly compensated by insurance companies and other responsible parties.

Our technicians are properly vetted before being hired for the highest standards of conduct. We put every staff member through a rigorous background investigation, testing, and practical experience evaluations; to ensure the Harvest Cleaning Service team will be welcome in any home. We want every client to feel comfortable and safe with our staff and process.